Your faceshape embodies love!

Your forehead and cheekbones are the widest point of your face with everything tapering towards a narrow chin.

Look for – Low profile frames work well with this shape, elongating your face

Avoid – Anything with too much detailing on the upper portion

Some suggestions…


Look at those chisled cheekbones and striking jawline! Your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are around the same width and your bonestructure is striking.

Look for – Semi rimless styles, round shapes and soft lines that will allow your bonestructure to be the focus

Avoid – Anything too square or angular

Some suggestions…


Lucky you! You have the perfect face shape for shades.

Your face is slightly longer than it is wide and it tapers towards your chin.


Look for – Really anything goes 🙂

Avoid – Legs that sit low on the frame as they will elongate your face

Some suggestions…


An oblong face is longer than it is wide and you don’t tend to have full cheekbones. This shape is very similar to oval, but normally has a longer chin or forehead.

Look for – Frames that are deeper than they are wide. Decrotive details at the temples are great too

Avoid – Narrow and rectangular shapes as they make your face look longer

Some suggestions…


Shine bright boo! You have angualr bone structure with the widest point being your cheekbones and temples.

Look for – Smaller, soft shapes that allow your cheekbones to be the star of the show

Avoid – Oversized and definately not anything wider than your cheekbones

Some suggestions…

Inverted Triangle

This shape is often mistaken for heart shaped and they are very similar. Your jaw is the narrowest point on you face with wider cheekbones and strong forehead.

Look for – A frame that is wider on the bottom than the top

Avoid – Teardrop lenses or frames that are thicker on the top portion

Some suggestions…


You’re basically a square, but with softer angles 🙂

Your face width and height are almost the same and the widest point are your cheekbones

Look for – Oversized, angular frames that will offset the roundness of your face

Avoid – Round frames

Some suggestions…


It’s all about the angles! Your forehead is narrower than your cheekbones and you may have a strong and prominent jawline.

Look for – Glasses that taper towards the bottom and top heavy designs

Avoid – Any styles that are narrower than your jawline

Some suggestions…


Your face is longer than it is wide, but your jaw and forhead are strong and defined

Look for – Round frames can soften your face, but rectangular frames can also look great

Avoid – Any thing that is too narrow for your face

Some suggestions…